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The Ultimate Part Compatibility Tool

Fresh Grease is reducing friction in the cycling industry by revolutionizing the way cyclists shop for bike parts. Riders simply select their make, model, and year of bike, and our curated bike database and component compatibility algorithms recommend replacement parts and upgrade options without leaving retailers' websites.

Taking care of your performance bike shouldn’t be complicated

Every bike part from brake pads to the bottom bracket is a wear component and will need to be replaced or serviced eventually. For new and would-be riders, knowing what to service, finding the right parts, and learning how to do the basics yourself can be intimidating, time-consuming, confusing, and altogether just not as fun as riding bikes.


We exist to make finding compatible bike parts simple and fast - it's about time! 


Cycling is for Everyone

We believe the outdoors are for everyone inclusive of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, identity, religion, age, and experience.

Unfortunately, that belief is far from reality:

“It is important to remember that, in terms of gender inequality, the cycling industry is the most discriminatory out of all outdoor industries. Gender and racial inequality prevail in bike shops, professional cycling, and media representation”. - Bicycling Magazine, June 2020

We can do better. As we grow, we’re committed to seeking diverse talent, supporting underrepresented voices, and being a force that broadens representation on the bike and in the cycling industry.


Maintain more, consume less

It's harder to maintain than it is to buy new, but a properly maintained bike can last decades when treated right. As more bikes ship with carbon fiber and lithium batteries, riding bikes longer is not only good for your wallet, it’s better for the environment too.

At Fresh Grease, we champion the act of maintenance, support our maintainers, and encourage others to roll up their sleeves and grab a wrench. It's fun too.

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Team Fresh Grease

We want dedicated and passionate people on our team who can take on big challenges, learn fast from their mistakes, and have the grit to succeed at changing the bike industry's status quo. We stand for things bigger than ourselves, respect others, and value integrity, adventure, maintenance & innovation. Our team is "remote from Seattle", but if you have reliable internet, we're pretty chill about where you do your work. ✌️


Sound like you? Connect with our team

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