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Help test our dropper seatpost compatibility tool

The dropper seatpost is one of the most popular mountain bike innovations in recent years, unfortunately tools that help you buy the right one aren’t so innovative. Fresh Grease is help make sure that the dropper you choose, and all other components you buy, will work with your bike.

A little background

For those newer to mountain biking, we used to have to stop, get off the bike, and loosen a clamp to lower and raise our seat... in hindsight, the experience was no less than terrible. Today’s droppers allow riders to adjust their saddle height on the fly without leaving a seated position, which can be useful for technical or steep sections of trail. Now as more and more brands enter the market with their own seatpost offerings, compatibility between different droppers and frames has become an issue. This compatibility “issue” is passed onto riders to figure out what parts work with their bike and involve confusing measurements and calculations.

Help us develop our dropper compatibility tool by taking a few measurements and completing this survey to receive a discount from PNW Components!

Making sure the parts fit

To help, Fresh Grease is developing a tool that recommends the right dropper for your specific bike! Unlike existing tools that require you to measure your frame, we’re developing a tool where you simply tell us what bike you’re on and the height you like your seat at, and our bike database and compatibility algorithm do the rest! Before we deploy our tool, we're doing some internal testing using measurements from riders.

Here’s how you can help:

  1. Grab a tape measure and head to your bike

  2. Measure your current seatpost height (from your seat rails to the frame’s seat tube clamp) with the dripper fully extended

  3. Estimate a measurement of your seatpost max insertion depth to the best of your ability (seat tube clamp to any obstruction or bend in the frame’s seat tube)

  4. Submit your measurements and tell us about your bike with this survey

For helping us out, everyone who takes the survey will receive a special discount code from our friends at PNW Components after submitting your results.

Happy Riding!

Team Fresh Grease ✌️

P.S. In case you missed it, we'd really like you to take our survey!

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