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Getting the Shop Back Up to Speed Post-COVID

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

Covid has been a boom for the cycling industry. But if you’re a bike shop owner, you are probably feeling the pressure to stay competitive post-covid. As industry stock levels return to normal and customer patience with long lines and wait time fades, your strategy needs speed to compete with 2-day shipping.

We have heard over and over how the simple task of finding the right parts can be time-consuming for even the most seasoned mechanic...

We're here to change all that.

Fresh Grease will bring your customer service capabilities and online shopping experience into 2021 and beyond with our part compatibility tools. Simply input a bike's make and model to view recommended compatible parts for repairs and upgrades specific to that bike. Now your mechanic can spend more time tinkering and less time Googling all the while your customers won’t have to test the limits of their patience.

We're starting by combing through bike archives and manufacturer specifications for mountain bikes to develop tools for stock part compatibility and a dropper seatpost calculator, but our vision extends far beyond that. As we develop additional use-cases and add bikes from more cycling disciplines like road, gravel, and e-bikes, the goal of our user-friendly database is to answer any compatibility questions your sales team or technicians might have. Better yet, it's maintained and operated by us here at Fresh Grease so you can expect regular updates and an ever-expanding library of bicycle models… whose specificity will be available right at your fingertips.

For shops that complement their brick-and-mortar location with an online presence, Fresh Grease is a great resource to stay engaged with your customers. Our bike portal can be deployed to your website to track maintenance work and get riders more involved in the care and maintenance of their bicycles. For customers seeking repair or upgrade parts for their bike, our database can be accessed from your shop’s site to help them figure out what parts are needed so they can order through you and bring their bike in once parts arrive from your distributors… You save shop space and your customer’s bike isn’t left hanging from the rafters for weeks. We’re here to help the “brick and click” retailers really develop their “click”.

We haven’t forgotten about the brick!

The crowds are coming, and much like a Christmas puppy, everyone who bought a “COVID bike” is realizing that it's not as simple of a task to maintain as they once thought. We want your team to be prepared when someone meanders in, and needs an extremely specific bottom bracket to fix that elusive squeaking noise coming from their bike that they “always clean and maintain. I have no idea why this would be happening!!”.

Fresh Grease’s database and compatibility charts will be available to your in-store team and mechanics. Sometimes finding the right part can take just as long as the service, and now you’ll be able to find that part almost instantly. Customers can get back home to their other maintenance problems and you can shorten that line that's wrapping around the block.

Photo by Tom Austin on Unsplash

Ride With Us!

Once we’re back into the swing of in-store shopping, we want to help your shop take care of customers faster than ever. To learn more about how Fresh Grease can help your shop compete in the post-covid world, join our email list for product updates.

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