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It Can Always Go Wrong, Even at Tokyo 2021

Outside sounds better than on the couch in front of the T.V., the seven hour replay of the men’s Olympic road race is just too long, and maybe the XCO final is at 2 a.m. your time. BUT somehow all your friends are STILL talking about Tokyo 2020(1???). Just for you we’ve boiled down the hottest topics in bike sports at the Olympics. We even squeeze Triathlon in there too. They’re pretty quick on two wheels.

The theme this year is…. Mishaps? Maybe we need a little Fresh Grease to reduce friction. Ha.

Regardless, these highlights will keep your post-ride beer banter super relevant. BONUS you wont find yourself wondering "What happened to MVDP?" while scanning a replay of the XCO race....

Its never on the athlete sometimes it's...


A couple of miscommunication issues this year, leading to the ultimate downfall for some athletes that had been picked for the win!

The women's road race faced a peculiar outcome as Annimiek van Vleuten celebrated a victory as she crossed the finish line. A lack of race radios meant there was nobody to inform her that there was still a rider up the road. Chapeau to that rider up the road! Attacking from the beginning of the race Anna Kiesenhofer managed to stay off the front the entire race meaning Annimiek finished with the silver medal around her neck. Kiesenhofer, a PhD in applied mathematics, gave the women's peloton a big lesson in counting that day.

annimiek van vleuten avv celebrating first mistakenly celebrating first miscommunication
(I would celebrate 2nd like this, hell probably even 17th if it was at the Olympics)

Sorry for the spoiler GIF earlier. Unfortunately, miscommunication didn’t end with AvV. The also Dutch, Mathieu van der Poel missed a critical memo that a ramp on the cross country mountain bike course would be removed come race day.

I missed that dutchies face on the podium and I’m sure you did too. The eventual men’s MTB winner was Tom Pidcock of GB, and of Ineos Grenadiers. Which brings me to my next point… Team Ineos Dominating

Maybe not a blaring mishap, but an opportunity for a good laugh.Team Ineos has always been known as a dominant team on the road, but fewer wins this season means they are now just known for being a team with an insane budget.

HOWEVER, the tides turned for Ineos when their two riders, Richard Carapaz of Ecudaor and Tom Pidcoc of Great Britain secured gold at the games. In the men’s Olympic road race and men’s XCO races respectively.

This has left fans wondering when Team Ineos will get their stuff together and show us if that big boy budget is going to pay off during the road season.

tom pidcock jump mountain bike olympics 2021
photo Copyright © 2021 Cor Vos/

We don't really need to address the budget. We know Ineos is sponsored by Pinarello; meaning the boys like the finer things in life.... WAIT.....


Pinerallo doesn't make mountain bikes?! How could Tommy P win the XCO race if his team is sponsored by Pinarello?!?

Peep his blacked out rig in the photo above. More to come on this.


They're doing their best, but when they get it wrong AT THE OLYMPICS it’s a big deal.

Someone must have it out for the Dutch cycling team this year. Niek Kimmann (BMX) suffered a crash with an official crossing the course during his warm up. It’s not gruesome, so go ahead… watch it caught on camera.

Bmx crash olympics tokyo 2021
A blurry teaser to get you really excited!

A huge shout out to the triathletes! We know some cyclists like to say triathletes lack bike handling skills, but the women handled the bike leg in typhoon weather swimmingly (ha again). No crash footage there!

The real screw up here happened when the official's boat did not move out of the way during the start of the men’s swim leg.

(Not bike related but I made it related anyways. )

allez omi opi tour de france meme triathlon tokyo 2021 swim leg of triathlon
Fans were shocked to see that the Allez woman was also a big triathlon fan.

Everyone on the XCO Womens MTB Course

Except the entire Swiss team.

swiss team sweeps womens xco podium womens mountain bike race 2021 tokyo olympics
Looks like its time to go ride in Switzerland?

All jokes aside the womens XCO course was wet and muddy, a challenge for even the broiest of PNW bros. These athletes all had months of heat training just to ride around in a typhoon on race day, a sacrifice in itself. If it wasn't miscommunication, team Ineos, or the officials putting a wrench in your race, it was these ladies right here.

WERE NOT DONE YET! To stay updated on track cycling, learn what is beneath the black paint on Tom Pidcock's bike, or find out what makes the Swiss MTB team such a powerhouse, follow us on social media or stay tuned for weekly blog updates.

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