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Fresh Grease Announces Amateur Race Team

Updated: Jul 25, 2021

Most cycling teams sponsor pro riders... We catch up with Garrett Gross, Founder and CEO of Fresh Grease, about the company’s unconventional decision to “sponsor” an amateur enduro race team for this summer's Cascadia Dirt Cup race series.

How does an early-stage startup end up with a beer league cycling team?

“Our friends have been so supportive of Fresh Grease and kept joking that we should start a team. We’re bootstrapping, but when a handful listed us as their sponsor, we had little choice but to follow through.”

“There’s a difference between being sponsored and getting a jersey” says Fresh Grease rider, Clark Nielsen.

Is it hard to make the cut?

“We’re out to have fun and spread the word about how we’re making it easy for riders to find compatible parts for their bikes. Like most budget teams, if you’re willing to pay for your own jersey and entry fees, there’s a spot for you on team Fresh Grease Racing!”

“This is my new favorite mountain bike jersey” exclaims Sarah Vaughn after pre-riding trails.

OK. I'm intrigued... tell me about these shirts.

“These tees are awesome! We wanted something riders would actually want to wear, and Happy Trails Bike Stuff hooked us up with merino blend tees designed specifically for mountain biking. Our riders love them, and they have some really fun designs of their own,” says Garrett.

Let's readdress "Reducing Friction, Finishing… Fast?” How does this fit into the world of enduro racing?

"Slow is smooth, smooth is fast. Fresh Grease is all about reducing friction for the cycling industry and our team is working hard to make that happen on and off the bike. If we get a few laughs on race days, that’d put a smile on my face too."

“I feel faster already,” says Fresh Grease rider Jonathan Zordell after trying on a jersey for size.

How can riders get their hands on their own Fresh Grease tee?

"The Fresh Grease team and I are more focused on making it easier for riders to find compatible parts for their bikes than selling shirts, but we've got a few to give away!"

For a chance to win a free Fresh Grease tee, subscribe for updates before August 30th and be the first to know when we launch!

Team Fresh Grease Racing hopes not to be caught out in the wild this weekend at the opening race of the Cascadia Dirt Cup Enduro Race series at Tiger Mountain in WA. For results and updates, follow @freshgreasebikes on Instagram.

P.S. Tag a friend in our Instagram post for a bonus entry 😉

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