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What We're Building

First impressions are everything... when we hear statements like "I'd use the sh*t out of this" from cyclists, we get pretty stoked.

The experience today

Unlike the automotive industry, there's not a single outdoor gear or cycling retail e-commerce site that answers the "what part do I need?" question for cyclists directly on-page.

You can buy parts for a '1986 Ford Ranger' using it's make, model, and year from just about every auto parts retailer, but you can't shop-by-bike from any bike retailer for even the newest models.

Try it for yourself... see if you can figure out which brake pads to buy for a '2020 Santa Cruz Hightower Carbon C' from any of these retailers without leaving their site: REI, Evo, Backcountry, Jenson, Amazon, your local shop's website, etc. (Spoiler alert: you can't).

Today, the industry passes the complicated part compatibility problem onto the consumer to figure out what parts work with their bikes. Sure, the information is out there for those willing to spend 30 minutes or more digging through specs, forums, and archives, but we're of the opinion time is better spent riding.

What we're building

Our experience is simple and straightforward, cyclists enter their bike's make, model, year, and build, and we recommend parts that work in seconds.

enter bike info
Bike data entry iframe for retail websites

Riders can then save their bike to their Fresh Grease Garage, customize it, and log in with Fresh Grease from any retailer's site powered by our recommendation engine.

shop by bike
Fresh Grease Live Prototype

Under the hood, our development team has been focused on derisking our technical approach and laying a foundation to build a scalable backend that is both accurate and cost-effective. As we refine our product, we'll be turning to our community for help with usability testing, suggesting awesome features, and spreading the stoke when we begin pilot deployments in 2022.

Want to learn more?

Thanks for all your support - feel free to contact our team with any questions, suggestions, or feedback! ✌️

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